The Inquiry will publish evidence after it has been adduced at hearings.

Witness statements and any other documentary evidence will be published here. Oral evidence (videos and transcripts) can also be found here, under the relevant witness, and via our Hearings page. Content will usually be available within 24 hours of an evidence session taking place.

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Some of the evidence published here may contain content which people may find distressing. The wellbeing of people participating in the Inquiry is extremely important to the Inquiry. In the context of the Inquiry's processes, free, confidential, emotional and psychological support services are available from PAM Wellbeing, for witnesses, their supporters and participants in the Inquiry. For advice on coping with traumatic events, or information on how to access these services please see here.

Vipinchandra Patel - 1 March 2022

Witness: Vipinchandra Patel

Timothy Brentnall - 1 March 2022

Witness: Timothy Brentnall

Amanda Barber - 1 March 2022

Witness: Amanda Barber

David Hedges - 1 March 2022

Witness: David Hedges

Hasmukh Shingadia - 1 March 2022

Witness: Hasmukh Shingadia

Robert Ambrose - 1 March 2022

Witness: Robert Ambrose

Mark Kelly - 1 March 2022

Witness: Mark Kelly

Norman Barber - 1 March 2022

Witness: Norman Barber

Della Robinson - 1 March 2022

Witness: Della Robinson

David Yates - 1 March 2022

Witness: David Yates

Tracy Felstead - 25 February 2022

Witness: Tracy Felstead

Seema Misra - 25 February 2022

Witness: Seema Misra

Stephanie Reilly - 25 February 2022

Witness: Stephanie Reilly

Janet Skinner - 25 February 2022

Witness: Janet Skinner

Malcolm Simpson - 24 February 2022

Witness: Malcolm Simpson