Announcement of Hearing to address Issues of Compensation

  1. I have recently received correspondence from Howe + Co and Hudgell Solicitors in which they raise concerns on behalf of their clients about the operation of the Historical Shortfall Scheme. I originally intended to consider this Scheme and its application as part of Phase 5 of the Inquiry.


  1. However, I am now satisfied that the issues raised by Howe + Co and Hudgell Solicitors in the correspondence which I append to this statement need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Moreover, broader issues of compensation have recently been brought to the fore.


  1. I have, therefore, decided to hold a 2-day hearing on a date to be determined in the period 4th July – 15th July 2022 at which I intend to hear submissions on issues relating to compensation. A timetable for submissions and the issues to be addressed in those submissions will be published by the end of this week. 


  1. This hearing will also afford the legal representatives of the Core Participants an opportunity to make oral submissions addressing the provisional view which I have outlined in relation to the three classes of persons who were prosecuted by the Post Office (set out in my separate announcement of today’s date).


Sir Wyn Williams

9 May 2022