On this page you will find information on:

  • News
  • Newsdesk contact details
  • Accreditation
  • Video and transcripts
  • Broadcast feed
  • Media guidance for public hearings
  • Filming Guidelines 


Find the Inquiry’s latest news and press releases here.

Media enquiries

Phone: 07752 398517 or 07876 006117

Accreditation for public hearings

Please contact with any accreditation enquiries.

Only registered media will be able to enter the hearing venue. Please ensure you have registered with the media team before attending the hearings.

Video and transcripts

All hearings are streamed on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel, on a three minute delay.

A video recording and transcript of the hearings will be published on the relevant hearing page as soon as possible after the hearing, usually within 24 hours.

Broadcast Feed

A feed is available for broadcasters – please contact for further information.  

Media guidance for public hearings

All media must comply with the Inquiry’s General Restriction Order, Restriction Order and Notice on recording, live broadcasting and the use of electronic equipment. Any information that is removed from the time-delayed feed and/or redacted in the transcript of proceedings must not be repeated, disclosed or duplicated to any third party.

The Chair has given permission, subject to exceptions, to accredited journalists to use text-based communication (including Twitter) from the hearing room, providing there is no disruption to the proceedings. Those tweeting must comply fully with any Notices, Restriction Orders or Anonymity Orders that may be made. Non-accredited journalists, freelance writers and members of the public must seek prior permission for the use of text-based communication during Inquiry hearings.

The Chair has granted anonymity to certain individuals who have been designated as Core Participants to the Inquiry, via a Restriction Order under section 19 of the Inquiries Act 2005. This means that the Inquiry will not publish any details identifying the witnesses that have been granted anonymity. Measures will be in place to conceal identities should any anonymised witnesses give oral evidence during the public hearings.  

Approaching witnesses in the hearing venue is strictly prohibited.

Filming guidance

No broadcast or stills cameras are permitted in the hearing room, and no other recording of any proceedings may be made, except with the permission of the Chair.

There are designated filming areas in the hearing centre; please do not film in other parts of the hearing centre – restrictions are indicated by signage.

Filming in the venue’s ground floor lobby and 5th floor landing is also prohibited.

For any questions about filming locations, please email or call 07752 398517 or 07876 006117.