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This is an independent public statutory Inquiry established to gather a clear account of the implementation and failings of the Horizon IT system at the Post Office over its lifetime.

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Hearings are broadcast on a three minute delay on the Inquiry's YouTube channel. 

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Survey of current sub-postmasters and Horizon Shortfall Scheme applicants

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In Phase 7 of the Inquiry, we will examine how the Post Office operates today and whether the Post Office has lived up to its commitment of “full and fair compensation.”

We’re asking 16,000 people to share their experiences via two anonymous surveys. Every current sub-postmaster in the UK and Horizon Shortfall Scheme applicants will be contacted.  

Find out more: https://www.postofficehorizoninquiry.org.uk/news/16000-people-urged-share-experiences-post-office-ahead-final-stage-inquiry

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Indicative timeline for phases of the Inquiry.

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Up to 16,000 people are to be contacted this week by researchers commissioned by the Inquiry.

15 July 2024

Inquiry announces creative experts to work with sub-postmasters on a Legacy Project

Monday 3 June 2024