The Assessors

An assessor is someone who is appointed to provide advice to the Chairman on their relevant expertise in regards to the Inquiry.

Expectations of assessors

An assessor's function is to provide advice to the Inquiry Chairman. This is likely to involve reading relevant documents, witness statements and any experts’ reports.  Assessors will normally be expected to attend hearings when evidence is being taken in relation to matters within the scope of their expertise. Assessors are not expected to ask questions of witnesses, but before a witness is called they may suggest lines of questioning to Counsel to the Inquiry.

Advice assessors give to the Chairman

The Chairman expects that most advice and assistance will be given informally, but if he obtains formal advice in writing from an assessor, which he intends to take into account in reaching his decision, he will provide a copy to Core Participants and publish on the Inquiry’s website.

The Assessors

Erika Eliasson-Norris holds the role of Assessor in relation to governance, which covers but is not limited to corporate governance, business practices, boards and governance frameworks. Erika is the founder and CEO of Beyond Governance and holds the top governance and legal position in a London based FTSE 250 organisation. Erika has significant experience of working in Company Secretarial and Governance functions across the engineering/manufacturing, FMCG, hospitality and financial services industries.

David Page holds the role of Assessor in relation to digital product management, IT strategy for large and complex technical projects, usability, and associated business processes. David has experience working at the executive level of public sector and multinational corporations for more than 25 years. After completion of a masters engineering degree at Imperial College London he further qualified as a management accountant in 1993. He has worked in the emerging internet and technology industry since the mid 90s.