Directions issued to Post Office on 'Microsoft Exchange' disclosure failings

Further to the hearing of 7 November 2023 at which the Post Office's 'Microsoft Exchange' disclosure issues were discussed, Sir Wyn Williams issued the following directions to the Post Office:

1. The Post Office must provide the Inquiry with a written update addressing the following matters no later than midday Thursday 9 November 2023:

In relation to each of the witnesses listed for hearing in the week commencing 13 November 2023 (being Debbie Stapel, Warwick Tatford, Paul Whitaker, Catherine Oglesby and Tony Utting), the Post Office must state:

a) what searches have been undertaken over Microsoft Exchange (including ‘address book’ searches, ‘party-based’ searches and/or any other searches, as the case may be); and

b) for each witness, the update must provide the number of documents potentially relevant to the witness based on the appropriate search(es). While the number may be approximate, it must include both parent emails and attachments.

2. For the documents falling within (b) above, Post Office must disclose those documents to the Inquiry no later than midday Thursday 9 November 2023. The Post Office must clearly identify the witness and Rule 9 request and/or Section 21 notice to which the documents are said to relate. If it is not possible for Post Office Limited to disclose the documents by that deadline, or provide the Rule 9 request or Section 21 notice information sought, the Post Office must explain why.




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Sir Wyn Williams

8 November 2023