Public Hearings

Public Hearings including Focus Groups are live streamed, on a three-minute delay, via the Inquiry’s YouTube channel. After each hearing, a video of the proceedings and the transcript will be available via the relevant hearing page below. The associated witness statements can be found on the Evidence page. 


View our indicative public hearings timeline here.

Archive - recordings and transcripts

Click on the relevant hearing type below to find video recordings and transcripts of our Public Hearings and Focus Groups.

Thanks to the work of Matthew Somerville, searchable transcripts of the Inquiry's public hearings are also available on his website here, containing links to relevant evidence published by the Inquiry. While it is updated with information published on the Inquiry’s own website, the Inquiry is not responsible for the maintenance of and/or any wider content published at

Image of the Post Office Horizon Inquiry hearing room

Phases 5/6

Redress, access to justice, responses to the scandal, governance (April - July 2024)

Phase 4

Action against sub-postmasters and others (July 2023 - February 2024)

Phase 3

Operation of Horizon (January - May 2023)

Phase 2

Horizon IT System (October - December 2022)

Opening statements

October 2022

Compensation Hearings

Submissions on compensation issues (July 2022 onwards)

Human Impact Hearings

Evidence from former sub-postmasters and others affected by failings surrounding Horizon. London, Cardiff, Leeds, Glasgow and Belfast (February - May 2022)

Human Impact Focus Groups

Focus groups with current serving and former sub-postmasters and Post Office Branch workers (March 2022)

Preliminary Hearing on List of Issues

Preliminary Hearing on List of Issues (November 2021)

All Public Hearings

Recordings and transcripts of all public hearings and focus groups

Non-Statutory Phase: Focus Groups

Non-Statutory Phase: Focus groups for persons impacted by Horizon to share stories of the human cost (January - February 2021)