Notice on recording, live broadcasting and the use of electronic equipment during hearings

Anyone will be able to follow Inquiry hearings live on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel.

No recording or broadcast of any proceedings may be made, except at the request of the Chair, or with the permission of the Chair and in accordance with any terms on which permission is given. 

No one present in the hearing room may use a mobile device to make a telephone call, or to receive a call. If any telephone or other device rings in the hearing the person may be asked to leave.

The Chair has given permission, subject to the exceptions below, to accredited journalists to use text-based communication (including Twitter) from the hearing room, providing there is no disruption to the proceedings. Non-accredited journalists, free-lance writers and members of the public must seek prior permission from the Chair for the use of text-based communication during Inquiry hearings. 

The exceptions are:

  1. Where a Restriction Notice or Order (other than the Restriction Order of 2 November 2021 which is hereby varied to the extent set out above) has been made under s19 of the Inquiries Act 2005, any breach of the order will be treated as a contempt.
  2. Where an Anonymity Order has been made by the Chair, any breach of anonymity will be treated as a contempt.
  3. As otherwise ordered by the Chair, for instance in order not to influence ongoing legal proceedings.

Such exceptions will be notified to hearing attendees by a notice on the Inquiry’s website, at the door of the hearing room, or, where appropriate, by verbal instructions from the Chair.

Issued under the authority of the Chair on 02 November 2021

Updated on 02 December 2021