Restriction Order - 2 November 2021


The Chair has the power under section 19 of the Inquiries Act 2005 (“the Act”) to make orders restricting disclosure or publication of evidence and documents given, produced or provided to the Inquiry.

Any threat to break such an order, or any breach of it, can be certified to the High Court or Court of Session under section 36 of the Act, which will deal with it as though the breach had occurred in proceedings before that court, and may be punishable by a fine or committal to prison.

In exercise of the power, IT IS ORDERED THAT:

  1. Unless express permission is given by the Chair of the Inquiry, or the Solicitor to the Inquiry acting on his behalf, evidence given to the Inquiry in oral hearings, or submissions made, must be kept confidential and must not be disclosed or published in any form unless and until such evidence is broadcast on the time- delayed YouTube platform or a transcript published on the Inquiry’s website. Any information that is removed from the time-delayed feed and/or redacted in the transcript of proceedings must not be repeated, disclosed or duplicated to any third party.

  2. This Order remains in force for the duration of the Inquiry and at all times thereafter, unless otherwise ordered.

  3. The Chair of the Inquiry may vary or revoke this Order by making a further order during the course of the Inquiry.

Dated: 02 November 2021
Updated on 02 December 2021



Sir Wyn Williams Chair