Deadline extended: Chair calls for witnesses involved in training, assisting, auditing or investigating subpostmasters to come forward  

Updated on 28 June 2022: The deadline to respond to the Call for Evidence has been extended to 18 July 2022.


Statement from Sir Wyn Williams, Chair of the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry: 

As I announced at the conclusion of the Human Impact hearings on 21 May, the Inquiry is now moving towards hearing the next phases. My team has gathered a great deal of disclosure from a range of individuals and organisations and continues to do so. However, in order to assist us in reaching those who are not currently employed by any corporate Core Participants, and those who for whatever reason may not yet have come forward, I am today announcing a call for evidence from certain categories of people. From now until the end of June 2022 I am inviting the following categories of individuals to make contact with the Inquiry: 

  • Those who have provided training to subpostmasters (SPMs), managers and assistants in the use of Horizon between 2000 and 2016.  
  • Those who have provided assistance to SPMs, managers and assistants in their use of Horizon, such as via a helpline between 2000 and 2016.
  • Those who have worked as investigators or auditors for the Post Office in connection with Horizon between 2000 and 2016.  

Any individuals in these categories who have information to provide the Inquiry that is relevant to its Terms of Reference may do so via the following link: Whilst completion of the proforma will not automatically mean that you will be asked to provide a formal statement or oral evidence at the Inquiry, each entry will be carefully considered by the Inquiry legal team. 

The Chair is committed to progressing matters as swiftly as he can, and has today published an indicative timeline for future hearing dates. Please see here for the timeline. The Chair stresses that the timeline is indicative and that participants may be called for evidence at any point so are expected to remain flexible in order to cooperate fully with the Inquiry.