Inquiry announces April Compensation Hearing date

Following the Chair’s January Statement on Compensation Issues, which signalled his intention to continue monitoring the progress of the Horizon compensation schemes, Sir Wyn Williams has now set a further hearing for 27 April 2023. 

The Compensation Hearing will be the fourth such hearing after the Chair expressed concerns about the evidence he heard during the Inquiry’s Human Impact phase.  

Sir Wyn Williams will hear from recognised legal representatives on behalf of Core Participants to the Inquiry. Specific issues to be addressed at the hearing will be published by late March. 

The April hearing and all subsequent hearings will take place in Aldwych House, a central London venue which until recently hosted the Infected Blood Inquiry hearings. 

The space will be able to accommodate a larger number of public gallery attendees. The new venue also offers a comfortable space for people affected by the failings surrounding Horizon to meet others who have lived through similar experiences on hearing days, as well as a screening area for those wishing to follow the hearings outside of the formal hearing space. 

The Inquiry’s emotional and psychological support services will continue to be available at the new venue. 

Aldwych House will also provide a home for the Inquiry to host further engagement sessions.