Notice regarding Sir Wyn Williams and Phase 4 Hearings

We are sorry to announce that the Chair of the Inquiry, Sir Wyn Williams, has been taken ill and is receiving medical treatment.  

The Inquiry’s June Phase 4 Hearings will therefore be pushed back. It is Sir Wyn’s present intention to commence these hearings on Tuesday 4 July 2023, to sit for the remainder of July, and to break for the Summer as planned on Friday 28 July.  

An updated witness timetable will be published in due course.

Sir Wyn is anxious to continue hearing evidence as soon as possible but it is vital that he spends the coming weeks recovering. 

Secretary to the Inquiry, Leila Pilgrim, said: 

"On behalf of the whole Inquiry team, we send Sir Wyn our best wishes for recovery. My legal colleagues will continue their important investigative work over the coming weeks, and my team and I will continue to keep everyone involved in the hearings updated.”