Statement by the Chair following Progress Update on Issues Relating to Compensation

  1. On 15 August 2022 I delivered a Progress Update following the hearings I convened on 6 and 13 July to address issues of compensation following my invitation to Core Participants to provide submissions on the same. The Update focused on the three schemes that had been established to compensate sub-postmasters impacted by failings surrounding the Horizon system: the Historical Shortfall Scheme (HSS), the Overturned Historic Convictions Scheme and the Group Litigation Scheme.  I indicated that I would closely monitor in the weeks that followed the extent to which my views were acted upon and particularly whether they were acted upon promptly.

  2. I am grateful to those Core Participants who have taken the time to provide me with their initial updates. I am disappointed with the apparent lack of substantial progress to date.  I am aware from correspondence with me that discussions are taking place, however I am also aware that there are individuals who remain dissatisfied with the pace of progress.

  3. I propose to allow all of those involved time to finalise their discussions. I intend to schedule a one day hearing at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year, when I will call upon everyone to provide a detailed update to me.

  4. If at the hearing it becomes apparent to me that sufficient progress has not been made I will then, as stated in the conclusion of my Progress Update, deliver an Interim Report containing specific recommendations under s24(3) of the Inquiries Act 2005.


Sir Wyn Williams


22 September 2022