Phase 3 Provisional Timetable

Timings are provisional and may be subject to change. Hearings will normally take place from 10:00 – 16:30 with a break for lunch. On Fridays proceedings will normally conclude at 15:00. 

Any live schedule changes during proceedings are posted on the Inquiry’s Twitter channel. 

The hearings will be streamed via the Inquiry's YouTube channel, on a 3 minute delay. 

You can register your interest to attend the hearings in person here.

Please note that many individuals who are listed below have held various posts during the period that is covered by the Inquiry.

London – Aldwych House



Evidence Week 6 – Rectification of bugs, errors and defects

Tuesday 2 May

Anne Chambers, former SSC Engineer

Wednesday 3 May

Anne Chambers, former SSC Engineer

Evidence Week 7 – Rectification of bugs, errors and defects and Horizon Integrity

Tuesday 9 May

Barbara Longley, former SSC Co-Ordinator

Wednesday 10 May

Stephen Parker, former Fujitsu Deputy Manager / Problem Manager / Manager of SSC

Thursday 11 May

Rod Ismay, former Post Office Limited Head of Product and Branch Accounting

Friday 12 May

Rod Ismay, former Post Office Limited Head of Product and Branch Accounting

Evidence Week 8 – Rectification of bugs, errors and defects and Horizon Integrity; Phase 3 closing statements

Tuesday 16 May Mik Peach, former Fujitsu SSC Manager

Wednesday 17 May

Start time: 10:30

Alvin Finch, former Fujitsu Technical Support Engineer 

Richard Coleman, former Fujitsu Technical Support Engineer 

Closing oral submissions

Thursday 18 May

Non-sitting day

Friday 19 May

Non-sitting day


Previous Phase 3 Hearings, International Dispute Resolution Centre, London 



Evidence Week 1 – Early Operation of Horizon, Training and Modifications

Tuesday 10 January

Bruce McNiven, former Post Office Limited Deputy Director, Programme Delivery Authority  

Kevin Fletcher, former Training Operations Manager, Peritas / KnowledgePool

Wednesday 11 January  

Steve Bansal, former Trainer, ICL Pathway

Thursday 12 January

UPDATE: 13:00 Start

Stephen Muchow, former Business Director, ICL Pathway

Friday 13 January

Chris Gilding, former Field Team Leader, Post Office Limited

Kathryn Parker (née Cook), former Post Office Limited Training

Evidence Week 2 – Early Operation of Horizon, Training and Modifications

Tuesday 17 January

Sandra McBride (née Lewis), former Post Office Limited Training

Thursday 19 January

Don Grey, former National Roll Out Project Manager, Post Office Limited

Friday 20 January

Rita Palmer (née Kendellen), former Post Office Limited Training

Trevor Rollason, National Horizon Training Manager, Post Office Limited

Evidence Week 3 – IMPACT and Horizon Online

Tuesday 21 February

Philip Boardman, former Fujitsu Service Architect

Wednesday 22 February

Susan Harding, former Post Office Business Process Architect

Mark Burley, former Post Office Head of Delivery

Thursday 23 February

Alan D’Alvarez, former Fujitsu Programme Director, Horizon Online

Friday 24 February

David Smith, former Post Office Head of Change & IS

Evidence Week 4 – IMPACT Continued; Dispute Resolution, Advice and Assistance

Monday 27 February

Stephen Grayston, former Post Office Change Manager

Tuesday 28 February

Shaun Turner, former Post Office NBSC Analyst / Network Conformance and Capacity Manager

Gary Blackburn, former Post Office NBSC Team Leader / Problem Manager

Wednesday 1 March

Anne Allaker, formerly Post Office Support Services

Gayle Peacock, former Post Office Network Efficiency Programme Manager

Thursday 2 March

Brian Trotter, former Post Office Area Manager / Contracts and Services Manager

Friday 3 March

Andrew Winn, former Post Office Relationship Manager

Evidence Week 5 – Fujitsu Support Services

Tuesday 7 March

Liz Evans-Jones (formerly Melrose), formerly ICL Helpdesk

Amandeep Singh, formerly ICL Helpdesk

Wednesday 8 March

Andy Dunks, former Fujitsu Information Technology Security Analyst

Thursday 9 March

Richard Roll, former ICL Pathway / Fujitsu 3rd/4th Line Support