Submit formal evidence

The Inquiry requests anyone who holds documents relevant to the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference to supply these. If they have not already been contacted, any person in possession of relevant documents should contact so that necessary arrangements can be made for receipt of those documents.

To provide a witness statement to the Inquiry on matters you feel are relevant to the Inquiry’s List of Issues please contact If you provide a witness statement, this does not necessarily mean that you will be called to give oral (sworn) evidence at a hearing, though all witness statements will be treated as evidence and considered by the Chair.

The Inquiry is currently focussed on phases 5 – 7, set out below. More detail on the phases of the Inquiry can be found here and in the List of Issues.

Phase 5 Redress: access to justice, Second Sight, Complaint Review and Mediation Scheme, conduct of the group litigation, responding to the scandal and compensation schemes.

Phase 6 Governance: monitoring of Horizon, contractual arrangements, internal and external audit, technical competence, stakeholder engagement, oversight and whistleblowing.

Phase 7 Current practice and procedure and recommendations for the future.