Chair receives response from Business Department over tax exemptions for subpostmasters

Following the Government’s publication of new regulations, the Post Office Horizon Compensation and Infected Blood Interim Compensation Payment Schemes (Tax Exemptions and Relief) Regulations 2023, the Chair of the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry wrote to the Business Department seeking a response on matters which are not covered by the regulations. 

The letter from Sir Wyn Williams is published here: Letter to BEIS concerning tax exemption status of HSS claimants

The Department has now responded and their letter is published here: DBT letter to Sir Wyn - HSS and GLO tax treatment

These matters will be taken up at the Compensation Hearing Sir Wyn has called for 27 April 2023, if they have not been resolved by this point. 

The Chair will set out other issues he would like Core Participants to the Inquiry to address at the April Hearing later this month. 


Notes to editors:  

  1. Sir Wyn discussed his letter to the Department at the Inquiry’s public hearing of 8 March 2023. The announcement can be viewed at the start of the recording here. 

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