Inquiry launches “In Your Own Words” to hear impacts of the scandal

The Inquiry has today launched a new listening project to hear from more people impacted by the Post Office Horizon scandal.   

In Your Own Words is a channel for any affected by the scandal to share their stories and how their experiences have impacted them. Experiences shared will inform a Legacy Project that the Inquiry is working with sub-postmasters to develop.  

The Inquiry’s public hearings started with a Human Impact phase in which 189 people shared their stories through oral evidence, witness statements, and focus groups. Now it is calling for more people who have been affected to share their stories.  


Inquiry Chair, Sir Wyn Williams, said: “The evidence I heard at the start of my Inquiry painted a very vivid picture of the pain and suffering that many endured as a result of decisions taken on the basis of Horizon. But I know that many more people have been affected either directly or indirectly. Submissions I have received on the subject of compensation also tell me that the impacts on many people's lives continue to unfold, often with very grave consequences. These stories must be brought into the light.” 

In Your Own Words is open to all who may have been affected, including current or former sub-postmasters, family members, friends, community members, or other members of the public who may have reflections to share.  

Current or previous employees of organisations linked to the scandal, such as the Post Office, Government or Fujitsu, who may have been impacted in different ways, are also invited to share their experiences. 

Submissions to In Your Own Words are anonymous to encourage people to share as freely as possible, as the Inquiry seeks to build a broader picture of the impacts of the scandal. 

How to take part 

If you wish to take part in the Inquiry through In Your Own Words, you can share your story through the online form. People are invited to share their own stories or to share on behalf of those no longer with us.

People attending the Inquiry’s public hearings will also be able to contribute handwritten experiences and reflections via an In Your Own Words submissions box. 


For alternative formats, please contact




Notes to editors: 

  1. Secretary to the Inquiry, Leila Pilgrim, heard from sub-postmasters affected by the scandal at an Engagement Session on 25 October 2023. Watch a short video:

  2. In a video published last month the Inquiry shared testimony it received from sub-postmasters and others impacted by the scandal at the start of the Inquiry: