Press release: A message from the Chair ahead of Human Impact Hearings

Our Chair, Sir Wyn Williams, has given the following words to media, looking ahead to the start of our Human Impact Hearings on Monday 14 February 2022.

"Much has already been written and said about how decisions made in reliance upon false information generated by the Horizon IT system caused very significant adverse consequences for many people. During the course of the coming weeks some of those most adversely affected by Horizon and decisions made in reliance upon it will give detailed accounts of their experiences. I am extremely grateful to those who have accepted my invitation to give oral evidence.

“I recognise that the task of giving evidence in a public forum about personal experiences will not be easy. Without such evidence, however, my ability to reach clear and considered conclusions about the nature and scale of the suffering endured by many over a substantial number of years would be seriously impaired. Again, my heartfelt thanks to the persons who will give evidence over the weeks to come.”

For more information about the Human Impact Hearings please see here.

Press release