Timetable for Human Impact Hearings published

The Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry has today named witnesses due to give evidence during the first of its Human Impact Hearings, which will begin in London next week.

Please see here for the timetable and list of witnesses for weeks commencing 14 and 21 February 2022.

The Human Impact Hearings will hear evidence from former and current SubPostmasters and SubPostmistresses (SPMs) affected by failings surrounding the Post Office’s Horizon IT system. The Inquiry is seeking to gain insights into impacts that such failings have had on affected individuals as well as their families and others.

Witnesses will attend the relevant venues on their allocated day (for London - the International Dispute Resolution Centre) or be heard remotely. Due to the hybrid nature of these hearings, there is no dedicated space provided for public attendance in the hearing room, however the public hearings will be broadcast via the Inquiry's YouTube channel, with a 3-minute delay. Core Participants will be able to take part in the hearings through a live link provided by the Inquiry on application.

The hearings in London will be followed by further sessions in Cardiff (week commencing 28 February) and Leeds (week commencing 7 March). Further details will be set out on the website in due course.

Current serving and former SPMs and others interested in sharing their experiences with the Inquiry can still register to participate in Human Impact focus group sessions. Please see here for details.


There is limited space for in-person media attendance. For media enquiries, please contact newsdesk@postofficehorizoninquiry.org.uk