Press release: A message from the Chair as Human Impact Focus Groups begin

Our Chair, Sir Wyn Williams, has given the following words as our Human Impact Focus Groups begin on Friday 4 March 2022:

“Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be hosting human impact focus groups. Those in attendance will include former and current sub postmasters and sub postmistresses and persons who have worked in and/or continue to work in Post Office Branches. I am grateful to all for their participation in this important process.

“The format will be less formal than that adopted in the public hearings, but, nonetheless, I am sure that the information provided to me by those participating will provide fruitful lines of enquiry.

“One feature of these sessions (which, for obvious reasons, was largely absent from the human impact public hearings) is that I will be able to continue to gather information about the practices adopted by the Post Office in relation to discrepancies as and when they arise at the present time. This will be possible because of the willingness of some current sub postmasters and sub postmistresses (and other persons working in Branches) to give up their valuable time to participate in these sessions.”

To find out more about the Human Impact Focus Groups, please see here.

Press release