Witness timetable published for further Phase 3 Hearings

The Inquiry has today published a witness timetable for the later stages of its Phase 3 Hearings, which are focusing on the Operation of the Horizon system: training, assistance, resolution of disputes, knowledge and rectification of errors in the system. 

From 21 February, Sir Wyn Williams will hear evidence from former employees of ICL, Fujitsu and the Post Office.  

The full witness timetable is available here.

People can continue to apply for places in the public gallery via the following form: https://www.postofficehorizoninquiry.org.uk/form/phase-3-part-2-hearings-registra.  

For February and March sessions, please apply by midday on Thursday 9 February. For May sessions, please apply by midday on Thursday 6 April. Places will be confirmed shortly thereafter. 

The Hearings will also be streamed via the Inquiry's YouTube channel, on a three-minute delay. 

Witness statements, recordings and transcripts from the January Phase 3 Hearings can be found here.  

A short explainer video providing an overview of what Phase 3 is examining is available here


Notes to editors:   

  1. There are a limited number of spaces for in-person media attendance, and a feed will be available for broadcasters. For media enquiries, please contact newsdesk@postofficehorizoninquiry.org.uk

  1. An indicative timeline for all phases of the Inquiry can be found here