Statement by Chair on BEIS’s application for a Restriction Order

  1. On 24 June 2022 the Inquiry received an application by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, (“BEIS”), the sponsoring Department of this Public Inquiry, in which it seeks a direction from me to the effect that the names of junior civil servants (a phrase defined in the application) should be redacted from documents disclosed to Core Participants (and thereafter published on the Inquiry Website) unless I direct otherwise in respect of any particular individual. The application has been disclosed to Core Participants together with this statement and the application and statement are available on the Inquiry Website.
  2. In my view, the nature of this application is such that Core Participants should have the opportunity of making written submissions upon it before I determine how I should proceed.
  3. It is crucial that I reach a decision promptly, not least because I need to ensure that the hearings scheduled to begin in September are not delayed by the timing of this application. Accordingly, in accordance with the Inquiry’s Protocol on Redaction, Anonymity and Restriction Orders, I shall issue a ‘Minded to Note’ by the close of business on Wednesday 29th June 2022. Thereafter, any Core Participant or media organisation who wishes to make written submissions in response to this application must file the same with the Inquiry by 4pm on Tuesday 5th July 2022. Thereafter, I will reach a definitive decision as soon as reasonably practicable.

Sir Wyn Williams
27 June 2022