Inquiry Chair urges people to share experiences of Horizon compensation as part of listening project

Ahead of public hearings resuming next week, the Chair of the Inquiry has urged people to share their experiences with Horizon compensation schemes.  

In a statement issued today, Sir Wyn Williams encouraged those impacted by the scandal, especially people with experiences related to compensation, to share their stories through the Inquiry’s listening project, In Your Own Words.  

Sir Wyn Williams said: “I would like to make a direct appeal to those who have made claims in the various compensation schemes but who are not Core Participants and who have, as yet, not engaged in any way with the Inquiry to use “In your Own Words” to describe their experience of the operation of these schemes.”

Last month, the Inquiry launched In Your Own Words, a new listening project to hear from more people impacted whether directly or indirectly by the Post Office Horizon scandal. Anyone who participates can share their stories and how their experiences have impacted them. Experiences shared will inform a Legacy Project that the Inquiry is working with sub-postmasters to develop.  

In the statement today, the Chair said, “My ardent hope is that this initiative will provide a suitable vehicle for those persons who wish to describe their experiences with and in consequence of Horizon in detail.”

In Your Own Words is open to all who may have been affected, including current or former sub-postmasters, family members, friends, community members, or other members of the public who may have reflections to share. Current or previous employees of organisations linked to the scandal, such as the Post Office, Government or Fujitsu, who may have been impacted in different ways, are also invited to share their experiences.

The Inquiry resumes public hearings on Tuesday 9th April with evidence from campaigner and former sub-postmaster Alan Bates. Over the course of 15 weeks, the Inquiry will hear from witnesses including senior figures at Post Office, Fujitsu and Royal Mail; politicians and civil servants; and campaigners. This is part of the Inquiry’s investigation into governance, redress and how the Post Office and others responded to the scandal.

Earlier this year, Sir Wyn confirmed that he will consider the topic of compensation in Phase 7, as he aims to “reach conclusions about whether these schemes have operated fairly and whether they have fulfilled their stated aim of providing full and fair compensation promptly to all those who are eligible to receive it.”

In response to concerns which sub-postmasters raised with him about the operation of compensation schemes, the Chair convened four discrete hearings on compensation between July 2022 and April 2023 to hear from all parties. He also laid an interim report before Parliament last summer, which called on the Government to resolve compensation issues for sub-postmasters.

Notes to editors:

  • Read the Chair’s statement here.
  • For more Information on In Your Own Words, see online here.
  • The timetable for Phase 5/6 is available online here.