Inquiry to hear from Fujitsu Prosecution Support witnesses in January

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As Phase 4 continues in January, Sir Wyn will hear evidence from current and former Fujitsu employees to examine the role of Fujitsu in providing support to the criminal prosecutions of sub-postmasters.

The Inquiry has published its initial witness timetable for January. Witnesses giving evidence include a Director of Fujitsu Services Limited and software and security team members at Fujitsu.

Sir Wyn will also hear from Post Office investigator, Stephen Bradshaw, whose evidence was postponed due to late disclosure from the Post Office, and the Chair intends to hold a further Post Office disclosure hearing on 12 January.

Announcing his plans to hold a hearing in January, Sir Wyn said this is part of the Inquiry’s “close monitoring of the disclosure process during the remainder of the Inquiry, especially as it relates to disclosure by the Post Office.”

Phase 4 of the Inquiry is looking at action against sub-postmasters, including criminal prosecution case studies. So far, Sir Wyn has heard evidence from former Post Office investigators and lawyers, as well as external solicitors and counsel who were involved in prosecuting sub-postmasters.

View the witness timetable here:

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The hearings will take place on the 5th floor, Aldwych House, 71-91 Aldwych, London WC2B 4HN.

The hearings will also be streamed, via the Inquiry’s YouTube channel, on a three-minute delay. 

The witness timetable will be updated as further witnesses are named. There will be further Phase 4 evidence heard in the weeks commencing 22 and 29 January 2024.