Update on Issues of Compensation hearings

Further to the Chair’s announcement of public hearings on Issues of Compensation, the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry has published details on the hearings which will take place in London on 6 and 13 July 2022. 

Over the two days, the Chair will hear submissions from the recognised legal representatives of a number of Core Participants addressing the issues identified by the Chair in his statements of 9 May and 10 May 2022, and in particular important issues relating to the Historical Shortfall Scheme, final compensation for subpostmasters with quashed convictions, and fair compensation for the group litigation claimants.  

A schedule for the hearings is available here. The 6 July hearings will take place at Kia Oval, London, and the 13 July hearings will take place at the International Dispute Resolution Centre, London. 

There are a limited number of spaces for people to attend the hearings in person. Parties wishing to attend are invited to register their interest in attending by COP on 30 June 2022, via this form: www.postofficehorizoninquiry.org.uk/hearing-registration-form. Places will be confirmed shortly thereafter. 

If the number of applications exceeds capacity, the Inquiry will endeavour to ensure the number of places available allows for a broad cross-section of persons to attend.  The hearings will be broadcast via the Inquiry’s Youtube channel with a 3 minute delay. Core Participants will continue to be able to take part in the hearings through a live link which has been provided to them by the Inquiry. 

Please find the Provisional View of the Chair on Compensation Issues relating to Prosecuted Subpostmasters, published on 9 May, here

Please find the Chair’s statement inviting submissions on Issues of Compensation, published on 10 May, here.  


Notes to editors: 

  1. There are a limited number of spaces for in-person media attendance.  For media enquiries, please contact newsdesk@postofficehorizoninquiry.org.uk

  1. The Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry is an independent public inquiry examining failings surrounding the Post Office’s Horizon IT system which led to the suspension and termination of contracts, and the wrongful prosecution and conviction of subpostmasters and subpostmistresses. Read the List of Issues the Inquiry is examining here.  

  1. An indicative timeline for the Inquiry’s public hearings can be found here